Arsenal is going to make a bid for Griezmann. Are they right?

The Argentinean has been in great form for the club. He has scored 20 goals in the league, which is the most for a player of the same age.
However, the club has not been able to get the best out of him in the Champions League. In the group stage, the team lost to Barcelona and Liverpool.
The last time the team met with the Catalans was in the round of 16 of the previous season. The first match ended in a draw, but the second match ended with a victory for the team.
In the Champions league, the Catalonians have a good chance to win. The team is led by Ernesto Valverde, who has won the Champions title twice.

The team has a good lineup, and it is ready to play with any team in the world. It is the only team in Europe that can compete with the Spanish giants.
Will the team be able to do it?
It is difficult to say, because the team is still young. However, the current season has shown that it is possible to get into the Champions’ League and to win the title.
Griezman is a great player, but he has a long way to go before he can be considered a top player. The club has a number of other players who can help him.
There is no doubt that the team will be able not only to get to the next stage of the tournament, but also to win it.
Who is the main favorite of the Champions?
Barcelona is the team that has been the most successful in the previous seasons. The Catalonias have won the previous two Champions League titles.
This season, the Barcelona players have been in a good mood, and they have been able not to lose points.
Of course, the main goal for the Catalons is to win gold medals in the next season. However they have a number other options.
One of them is the Champions. The main favorite is the club that has won it for the last three years in a row.
It has a great lineup, which can play with the best teams in the Old World. The players have the potential to win all the tournaments they participate in.
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What is the format of the competition?
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How to follow the Champions trophy?
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3. Good performance of the leaders.
4. Good game of a goalkeeper.
5. Good form of the team leaders.
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* motivation of the players;

* experience of the coach.
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