Chelsea tops their group in Champions League

The group stage of the Champions League is traditionally a time of intrigue and surprises. However, the past few seasons have shown that the German club is not the only contender for the title.
The past season of Liverpool showed that the team is not only a contender for gold medals, but also for the Champions Cup. The Reds had a very successful campaign, which ended in the final.
Manchester United is also a contender. The team has been in the Champions league for a long time, but it has not won it. However in the past season, the Red Devils managed to finish in the top-4. The most important thing for the club is to finish the season in the best possible position.
Barcelona is another team that has a chance to win the Champions cup. The Catalans have been in this tournament for a very long time. However they have not managed to win it.
PSG is another contender for winning the Champions. The Parisians have been competing in the tournament for several years. However the team has not managed yet to win gold medals.
Bayern are also a team that can win the trophy. The Munich team has won the Champions for several seasons in a row. However this year the team failed to finish on the first position. Bayern has a very good squad, which is capable of winning the tournament.
Roma is another club that is capable to win a gold medal. The Roman club has been competing for several championships. However it has failed to win any of them.
Liverpool is the team that is not in the most confident position. However if the team manages to finish top-3, it will be able to win all the trophies.
At the moment, the most interesting matches of the season are the matches of Manchester United against Chelsea and Liverpool against Bayern. The teams have a lot of matches ahead, so it is very important to watch the games.
Live Results of Football Matches
The Champions League has become much more interesting in the last few seasons. Now the tournament is very popular among fans. It is very convenient to follow the results of the matches.
In the past, the Champions was won by teams from the top European countries. However now the tournament has become more interesting. Now, it is much easier to follow live football scores.
Now, the matches are held in a special arena. It allows fans to watch all the matches at the same time. This is very useful for them, because they can follow the progress of each match.
There are many interesting matches in the season. Fans can follow them in the live stream. The results of these matches are available to them in full.

The main event of the current season is the match between Chelsea and Manchester United. The match is held in the Old Trafford stadium. This match is very interesting for fans. The game is very tense and the score is very close.
It is very likely that the score will be equal. This means that the winner will be decided by a goal difference. The score is 0:0.
Chelsea has a good chance to get the victory. The main player of the Blues is Eden Hazard. The Belgian has a great game and scores a lot. The English team has a lot more players, so the chances of the team to win are higher.
However, the team still has a long way to go. The Blues have to show their best game in the match. They have to do their best to get a result.
Main Chances of the Match
The match between the Blues and the Red devils is very intriguing. The Chelsea players have a good opportunity to get into the top 4. The players of the Red Devil’s have a long tournament distance ahead.
This is why they have a chance of winning. However there are many factors that can affect the result of the game.
Good start of the match
The first half of the Chelsea game was very good. The first goal of the teams was scored by Hazard. This goal was a great surprise for the Blues. They thought that Hazard was not going to score a goal in the first half. However he managed to score one.
High level of the rival
The Red Devils have a very strong lineup. They are able to play well even against the weaker teams.
For example, in the game against Chelsea, the Blues had a good start. The Red Devils were able to take the lead in the second half of this match. The reason for this was the following factors:
Good teamwork of the players.
Many of the rivals were not able to find a way to break the defense of the club.
They were not successful in this.
Thus, the result was good.
All the players of Chelsea managed to find their game. This helped the team get into a higher position. This was a good result for the team.
Also, the score of the first match was 0:1. This time, the match ended in a draw.
As a result, the club has a high chance to finish at the first place.
Team’ s Prospects in Second Half of the Season
The team has to show its maximum in the matches against the teams from higher positions.

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