Is this the end of an era for Real Madrid?

The current season of the Spanish championship is a real rollercoaster. The previous campaign was dominated by the teams of the Old Madrid, but this time the rivals of the Royal Club are not the same.
At the same time, the Royal club is not the only one that is experiencing difficulties. For example, the team of Julen Lopetegui has not been able to demonstrate its full potential, and this has seriously affected the results of the team.
The first half of the season was marked by a lot of misfires, and the Royal Madrid was not able to achieve the desired results. Now, the situation is changing, and now the team is really starting to show its maximum.
This is what the fans are waiting for. They want to see the team in the best shape possible, and they want to witness a real battle for the title. The team of Lopetegui has already managed to achieve this, but now it is time for the Royal team to demonstrate their full potential and achieve the results that the fans have been waiting for for a long time.
Will the current season be a success for Real?
The team of the current Lopetaegui is not in the strongest of shape, but it is still able to perform well. This is the main advantage of the coach. He is able to find the right combinations of players and make the right decisions, which allows the team to achieve its goals.
However, this season Real Madrid is not at the best of shape. The Royal club has a number of problems, and it is not yet clear how they will affect the results. In the current campaign, the main problem of the Madrid team is the lack of motivation.
Lopetaegaui’s team has not had such problems in the past, but the current situation is very worrying, because it affects the results significantly. The coach is trying to solve this problem, but he has not succeeded yet.
Real Madrid’ current problems are not just about the lack motivation, but also about the fact that the team does not have the right players. This has a negative impact on the results, because the Royal squad is not able yet to demonstrate the full potential.
What is the future of the club?
Now, it is clear that the current crisis is not going to end soon. The main problem is the fact the Royal players are not able at the moment to demonstrate maximum performance. This situation is not good for the team, because now it has a real competition for places in the Champions League zone.
In the current stage of the crisis, the club is in a real struggle for the places in La Liga. The situation in the first half is not very encouraging, and there is a high probability that the situation will worsen in the second half of this season.

The main problem for Real is the instability of the competitors. The current season has already shown that the Royal “Real” is not always able to show maximum performance, and its rivals are not always in the same shape.
It is clear now that the crisis is far from over, and we will see whether the current team of Josep Guardiola will be able to overcome the difficulties it is facing.
All the latest news on the Spanish football
The season of La Liga is in full swing, and fans can not wait for the decisive matches. The decisive matches are always the most interesting, and you can always follow the latest information on the website of sports statistics.
Of course, this is not an easy task, because La Liga has a lot to offer. The competition is very high, and many teams are in a crisis. This means that they cannot show maximum results, and at the same the players have to perform in the most professional way.
If you look at the results from the first rounds, you can see that there are still some problems with the Royal line-up. The problem is that the players are tired of the long and difficult season, and for this reason they are not in a good mood.
Now the situation in La liga is very tense, and a lot can happen in the next few rounds. The teams are fighting for the place in the top-4, and if they do not succeed, then the chances of the teams from the middle of the standings are very high.
You can always learn the latest results on the sports statistics website, which presents the latest and reliable information from the world of the most popular sports.
Latest news on football on fscore
The start of the new season of football is already a great opportunity to learn the results and news from the field. The website of is your best choice, because here you will find the latest data on the confrontations of the leading clubs.
Among the most important confrontations are the matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and in the latter case the fight for the champion title is very close.
Barcelona has a very good lineup, and even the team leaders are not sure who will win the title this season, but they know that they have to demonstrate a lot in order to get the title back.
Many of the leaders of the Catalans are tired, and are not at their best, but if they manage to show their maximum, then it will be a great result for them.

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