The best football players in the Premier League according to the results of 2013-2014 season.

The Premier League is a tournament of the English football, which is held every year. The championship is divided into three divisions. The top division is called the Premier. The second division is the Championship. The third division is League 1.
In the Premier, the teams fight for the champion title. The most popular teams are:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal;

* Tottenham Hotspurs;
The best players of the Premier are:
* Sadio Mané;
“Man City”;
Riyad Mahrez;
Leroy Sane;
Eden Hazard;
Sergio Aguero;
Yaya Toure;
Drogba; and
Santiago Cazorla.
You can follow the results and statistics of the best football matches on the website of sports statistics.
Premier League table
The table of the championship of England is divided in three parts. The first part is the Premier league table. The teams fight in the championship for the title of the champion. The main contenders for the victory are: Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur.
At the moment, the main favorites of the tournament are: “Liverpool”, “Manchester City“, ”Chelsea“. The “City” has won the Premier title for the third time in a row. The team of “Arsenal” is the strongest in the history of the club.
” Liverpool” and “Chelsea” are the main competitors of the “Gunners”. The club of ” Liverpool ” has not won the title for a long time. The last time the team won the championship was in 1990. The current champion is: ” Manchester United”
The team of the Gunners is the main contender for the winner of the title. “United” won the Champions League for the second time. This season, the team of Mourinho has a good chance to win the title too.
“Tottenham” also has a chance to become the champion of England. The Spurs have won the champion’s title for four times. The previous champion was: ‘Manchester United’.
Liverpool and ” City’ are the best teams in the world. They have won gold medals at the most important tournaments. The best players from the Premier include:
• Sadio Mane;
• “Mané” ;
• Riyad Mahérez; ” Sergio Aguero” ;
“Lerou ‘;
“Sane” “;
Lucas Leiva;
Naby Keïta;
Emre Can;
Olivier Giroud;
Ander Herrera;
Ben Yedder;
Marcelo; etc.
All the football players of Liverpool and Manchester City are the most famous football players. The list of the most popular football players includes:
’ Sterling;
‘ Sterling; ‘Sterling; ‘ Sterling;’Sterling ’; Sterling; Sterling; Keita; “ Sterling; Coutinho; Sterling ’ „ Sterling; Mane; Sterling “ ‚; Mane; Mane “ “ Liverpool; ” † ‡ ‖ ‗ ‭ ″ ‼ ‽ ‹ › ※ ′ ‵ ‸           ‍   ‌ ‎ ‏ ‒ — ‣ ․ ‥ … ‧ 
 ‪ ‫ ‬ ‮ ‰ ‱ ‴ ‷ ‶ ‾ ‿           ― ‐ ‑ – ‟ ‛ • �|    � � ’ ( ) ? # $ % & ^ _ – .

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