The best football players in the Premier League according to the results of 2014-2015 season.

The Premier League is the most popular football league in the world. This season, the English Premier League has become more interesting than ever.
In the season 2014-15, the Premier league had the following results:
1. Manchester City won the title for the first time in a long time.
2. Liverpool won the Champions League for the second time in the season. It is the third time that the Reds have won the tournament.
3. Chelsea won the League Cup for the third consecutive year.
4. Manchester United won the FA Cup for a record fourth time. The previous record was set by the team in the previous season, when it won the cup for the fourth time in five years.
5. Arsenal won the Europa League for a third time. This is the first year that the Gunners have won all three competitions.
This season, it is the Premier team that will be the main favorite of the championship. Arsenal has a good lineup, and the team has a strong squad.

The following football players have a good chance of becoming a star of the Premier club:
* Lukaku;
* Ramsey;
* Aubameyang;
* Ozil;

* Sane;
The list of the best football stars in the English championship is long. The list of stars includes:
โ€ข Aubamegy;
โ€ข Ramsey;
โ€ข Sane.
It is easy to find the results on the website of sports statistics. Here, you can find the information about the results and statistics of matches of all kinds.
You can always find the schedule of matches, as well as the schedule and results of the upcoming matches.
Premier league table
The season of the English premier league has already ended. The table of the results is very interesting and interesting for fans of the football championship.
There are a lot of teams that are competing for the title. The main favorites of the season are:
ยท Manchester City;
ยท Liverpool;
and Arsenal.
Manchester City is the main contender for the champion title. This year, the team managed to win the title in the first round. The team has the following main stars:
โ— Sergio Aguero;
โ— Sergio Aguerro;
And Riyad Mahrez.
City also has a lot to show. The club has a very good lineup. The following players have the chance to become a star:
โ™ฆ Aguero. He is one of the main stars of the team.
โ™ฆ Ramsey. He has a great game, and he is able to score a lot.
And Sane, who is able not only to score but also to pass the ball to other players.
Liverpool is another contender for gold medals. The Reds have a strong lineup, which can be called a real gem of the league. The players of the club are:
1) Coutinho;
2) Gerrard;
3) Suarez.
These players are able to give the team a good result.
Arsenal is another team that is trying to win gold medals this season. The Gunners are led by the legendary Arsene Wenger. The Frenchman has a brilliant lineup, in which the main players are: Aubamey, Ramsey, Sane and Wilshere.
They are able not to lose points in matches against the main favorites.
All the Premier results
The English Premier league is one the most interesting championships in the entire world. It has a long list of competitors, and it is easy and convenient to follow the results.
Of course, the main teams are Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal. The latter has a talented lineup, but it is not able to compete with the main clubs.
However, the other teams are also able to win. Among the teams that have a chance to win are: Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Everton, Manchester United and Everton.
Chelsea is the favorite of all the competitions, but the team is not at the same level as the main contenders. The reason is the following factors:
i) The lineup of the Blues is not that good.
ii) They are not able, for example, to play with Manchester United.
iii) There is a lack of motivation of the players. They are tired of losing points.
iv) Many of the leaders are injured.
v) Some of the stars are not playing well.
vi) Lack of experience of the coaches.
That is why the team can not compete with its main rivals.
Now, the club is in the middle of the standings. It will be very difficult for the Blues to win a place in the Champions league zone.
Main results of all competitions
The first round of the EPL was very interesting for the fans. The teams played against each other, and there were a lot in the match.
Among the main results of this season, you should highlight the following:
o The first match of the new season was a draw.
o2 Liverpool lost to Manchester City.
Both teams played at Anfield stadium, which is a very famous stadium. The fans of both teams were very excited.
After the first match, the fans of Liverpool started to talk about the victory in the next match.

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