The most expensive transfers in history.

The transfer market is a great opportunity to strengthen a team, but it can also be a great chance to make a profit. The transfer market has become much more dynamic, and this is the reason why it is so difficult to keep track of all the deals.
In the summer, the transfer market was flooded with a lot of interesting transactions. Among the most interesting are:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester United;
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;

* Arsenal;
* Manchester City.
All of these transfers have a special place in the history of football, and we will try to highlight them here.

The main goal of the Merseysiders was to strengthen the position of the team in the standings. The previous season, Liverpool was in the middle of the standings, and it was clear that it would be difficult to catch up with Manchester United and Chelsea. The main problem of the club was the lack of motivation, which led to the fact that the team lost a lot in the matches against weaker teams.
However, the team managed to improve its position significantly. The following players were signed:
1. Dejan Lovren – the Croatian goalkeeper has become one of the main leaders of the Liverpool team. He is a good shot-stopper, and he is able to make the right decisions in the final moments of matches.
2. Mohamed Salah – the Egyptian striker scored a lot, and the team has already managed to get a place in top-4.
3. Sadio ManΓ© – the Brazilian goalkeeper is a very good goalkeeper, and is able not only to save the ball, but also to make good saves in the last seconds of matches, which is very important for the team.
4. Virgil van Dijk – the Dutch defender is a strong defender, and has already been a key player of the United team. The Dutchman is able, in particular, to stop the ball from crossing the goal line.
5. De Gea – the Spanish goalkeeper is able both to make excellent saves and to make timely saves, which allows the team to score a lot.
6. Alisson – the Argentinian goalkeeper is the best goalkeeper in the world, and his contract is very expensive, so it is very difficult to buy him.
7. Jorginho – the Portuguese goalkeeper is one of those players who can become a leader of the Portuguese team. However, the club has not managed to sign him yet.
8. Sane – the Algerian goalkeeper is very good at keeping the ball in front of him, and can save the goal from a lot if the team needs to score.
9. Griezmann – the Argentinean striker is a player who can score a great number of goals, and a good leader of his team.
10. Firmino – the Brazilian striker is able score a good number of important goals, but he is not able to perform in the field, so the club does not consider him as a leader.
11. Salah and Mane – the two Egyptian forwards are able to score goals, although the club is not very confident about them.
12. Alisson and De Geay – the defenders of the teams are able, especially, to make great saves.
13. Jorri and Mane and Firminho – these players are able not to make mistakes, and they are able make good interceptions.

The team is able now to improve the position in the table, and now it is able even to get into the Champions League zone.
Liverpool is a team that is very strong in the domestic arena, and its main goal is to win the Premier League. The team has a good squad, and many of its players are already able to play in the Champions league.
Now, the Merseyiders are in a very difficult position, and their main goal for the season is to get to the Champions Cup zone. The club has a lot to improve, but now it has a chance to get out of the group stage, and to get closer to the main club of the English Premier League, Manchester United.
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Main Transfer News of the Season
The Merseysides started the season very well, and managed to win a number of matches against the weaker teams in the English championship. The first matches of the season showed that the Merseiders are very confident, and are able now not to lose points in matches against teams from the lower divisions.
Of course, the main goal now is to finish in the top-3 of the Premier league, but the team is also able to get in the playoffs, and then it will be able to decide whether it will continue its winning streak or not.
Among the main transfers of the summer of the previous season the following players can be mentioned:
– Dejan is a key goalkeeper for the Merseleds, and also has the ability to make important saves. He has already saved the ball several times in the first matches. He is able also to save a penalty.
– Salah is a striker who can play in several positions.

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