When is the France vs Australia match?

The French and Australian teams have met in the World Cup for the third time. The previous two matches ended in a draw, which was the first time since the tournament began in 1930 that the score was 0:0.
The teams have not met since the 1990 World Cup, when the French won 3-0. The last time the teams met in a World Cup final was in the 2002 finals, when Australia won 3:0, which is also the last time that the teams faced each other in a final.
Who will win?
The last time France and Australia met in an international match was in 1990. The French won 2:1, and the last match was held in Paris. The Australians won the next match, too, and won the tournament.
In the last two World Cups, the French team was led by the legendary “Lionel” Messi, who scored a hat-trick in the final match. The Argentinean also became the first player to score in three consecutive World Cups.
However, the last victory of the French was in 2002, when they won 2-1. The team was also led by “Zinedine Zidane”, who led the team to the victory in the previous two tournaments.

The team’s main rivals of the last World Cup are:
* “Germany”;
* Italy;
* Spain;
* Brazil.
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Where to find the results?
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How to watch the matches?
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What to watch?
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Football results of matches of top European leagues
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Premier League results
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Live scores of matches
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