Who will be top scorer at the World Cup?

The World Cup is coming to an end, and it’s time to take a look at the best players of the tournament. The list of the best football players of all time is long, and the list of top-rated football players is really impressive.

The list of best footballers of all times includes:
* Lionel Messi;
* Cristiano Ronaldo;

* Zinedine Zidane;

* David Beckham;
“The King” ZidANE;
“Lionel Messi”;
Cristiano Ronaldo.
The main star of the football world is Lionel Messi. He is a phenomenal player, who has managed to become the best player of the world in a very short time. He has scored more than 100 goals in a season, and has managed it in only 22 years.
This is the reason why he is considered the best scorer of all-time. Messi is also the best goalkeeper of the history of the World Championship. He managed to score more than 50 goals in the World Cups of 2002 and 2010.
In addition, Messi has won the Champions League five times and the Super Cup three times.
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Who will win the gold medals at the next World Cup in Russia?
The next World Football Championships will be held in Russia. The tournament is considered to be one of the most prestigious championships in the world. The winner of the championship will be awarded with the title of the “golden”.
There are a lot of favorites in the next tournament. Among the favorites are:
1. Germany. This country has won gold medals in the tournament for several years in a row. The Germans have a long tournament distance, and they will have a chance to win the title in the final rounds.
2. England. The team of the England national team has already won gold at the European Championship, and this team is considered one of favorites.
3. Brazil. The country has already participated in the most important international tournament, the World Championships.
4. Spain. This team has won many gold medals, and you can see it in the results of the Spanish national team.
5. Italy. The Italian team has a long history of winning the World’ cup.
6. France. The French team has long been considered the favorites of the championships.
7. Netherlands. The Dutch team has repeatedly won gold.
8. Italy and Spain. The teams of the two countries have a great chance to get into the final tournament.
If you look at football results, you can easily find out who is the favorite of the next championships. The main goal of the teams is to win gold medals.
Will the Germans be able to win it again?
At the World championships, the Germans are considered to have the best chances of winning. The German football team is led by the legendary German football player, Franz Beckenbauer.
Beckenbauers’ team has the best chance of winning gold medals again. This is because the team has an experienced coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, who managed to improve the German team’ performance.
At this time, the German football players are not very confident. They have not won the World cups for several seasons in arow. However, the team is still considered to the best team in the entire world.
‘The King’ Zidanes’ squad has a lot to be proud of. They are the favorites in all tournaments, and their results are really impressive too.
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