Can Messi win the Ballon d’Or in 2019?

The start of the new season has already brought a lot of surprises. The most interesting of them is the performance of Lionel Messi. The Argentine has already managed to become the best player of the Old World, but now it is time to take the next step and try to win the coveted award.
Messi has already won the Ballons d’or, the Champions League and the Super Cup. The Spanish player has already scored more than 100 goals, which is a record that can be challenged by no one. The list of the best players of the 20th century is long and impressive. It includes:
* Ronaldo;
* Messi;
• Bale;
· Messi; and
* Bale.
The list of Messi’s rivals is also impressive, but the Argentine has the advantage of experience. He has already played in the Champions and the Europa League. In addition, he has won the Champions in his first season.

The Spanish player’s success is a result of his skills, which are well-suited to the game. Messi has a great technique and the ability to make the most of the smallest of chances. He is able to quickly distribute the ball to his teammates and create a scoring opportunity.
In the new campaign, it will be interesting to see how the Argentine will perform. It is unlikely that he will win the title, but he will be able to take part in the main tournaments of the season. The main question is whether Messi will be the main star of the team or not.
Will Lionel Messi win a third Ballon D’or?
The season has started well for the Argentine. He managed to score in the first match of the Champions, which was a good result for him. However, the team needs to improve its results. The following tasks should be solved:
1. The team needs a good start. The previous season, the Barcelona players did not show their best game. It was obvious that the team needed to improve.
2. The coach needs to choose the right line-up. The Barcelona players have become too predictable. The players need to show more attacking football.
3. The level of the competition needs to be raised. The current season is very demanding for the team.
4. The leadership needs to show a good game. The club needs to get rid of the bad habits of the previous season. Messi is the main reason for this.
5. The management needs to strengthen the squad.
6. The transfer campaign needs to start.
It is clear that the club needs a new coach. The appointment of Julen Lopetegui is a good sign. He knows how to motivate players. The Spaniard has already got the best out of the players of Barcelona.
Messi’s chances of winning the award
Messis performance in the new tournament is good, but it is clear now that the Argentine needs to do a lot more to win a place in the elite. The best players are:
· Ronaldo; and Messi.
· Ronaldo is the best at scoring goals, but Messi has already achieved this. The Portuguese player has the ability of creating scoring opportunities.
There are also other players who can be considered as Messi’s main competitors. These include:
• Bale; and:
● Suarez.
Bale has already been called the best footballer of the last decade. He scored more goals than Messi, but his level is lower. Suarez is a player who is able not only to score goals, he also has the power to create scoring opportunities for his teammates.
This season, Messi has the chance to become a real contender for the title. He needs to score more, but if he is able, he will definitely win the award. The only thing that will stop him from winning the title is the level of competition.
Who will win in the Spanish championship?
In Spain, the main contenders for the champion title are: Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico. The Catalans have already won it once, but they have a long way to go. The Madrid team is not the strongest in the league, but its players are able to win important matches.
However, the Atletico team is the most interesting. The Blau Granas have already managed not only the champion, but also the Europa league. This is a great achievement for the players.
What are the main chances of Barcelona in the fight for the championship?
Barcelona has a good lineup. The squad has a lot to show, especially in the second half of the championship. The Catalan club has a number of players who are able not to be replaced.
Among the main competitors of the Catalans are: ​​Real Madrid; ​​Atletico; ​​​and Valencia. The last two teams have already lost their leading positions.
Barça has a long unbeaten streak in the championship, which can be called a good indicator of the strength of the squad and the level it is able achieve.
Where can the Catalons be defeated?
Barcelonas chances of getting the title are good. The season is long, and the team has a high level of motivation. Barcelona has a strong lineup, and it can always find a way to score a goal.
Real Madrid has a similar lineup, but there is a slight problem with the defense.

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