How France can advance in World Cup.

The tournament has become more and more popular, and it’s not surprising that the favorites are now more than ever. The hosts of the tournament have already won the gold medals in the past and are ready to do it again.
It’ll be very interesting to watch the tournament, because the main favorites are:
* Italy;
* Germany;
• Spain;
· Brazil.
However, the favorites can’t be discounted, too, because they are able to impose a serious challenge on the favorites. The French team has already shown that it”s capable of playing at a high level, and if they continue to improve, they can become one of the main contenders for the title.

The French Football League 1 Standings
The current season of the French championship is quite interesting, because it“s the first time that the top teams have been competing against each other for the same title. The main favorites of the championship are: PSG, Monaco, Lille, Marseille, Lyon, and Bordeaux.
At the same time, the teams are constantly strengthening their positions, and this is reflected in the standings. The following teams are in the lead of the standings:
1. PSG. The Parisians have won the champion title for the fourth time in a row. This year, they have won with a score of 3:0. The team of Thomas Tuchel is a real contender for the champion’ title again, but this time, they’re not the only ones.
2. Monaco. The Monegasques have won two titles, but they“ve been in the top 4 for a long time. They’ve won the title twice, and they”ll do it for the third time in the last four years.
3. Lille. The “Lille” have won three titles, and the team is quite confident about the upcoming season. The previous year, the team lost to Monaco, and now, it‘s quite confident that it can win the title again. The players have a good understanding with the team“, and so, they always try to win the championship.
4. Marseille. This team has won the championship for the first three years in arow, and its players are confident that they can win it again this year.
5. Lyon. The club has won two championships, and in the future, it can be considered as the main contender for winning the title for a fourth time.
6. Bordeau. The Bordeaus have won once, and their fans are confident about winning the next one.
In the current season, the Bordeuses have a lot of strong players, and many of them are able of playing in the Champions League. The current champion of France is a good example of this, and that“ll be the key to their success in the near future.
PSG’ Current Season
The Parisians are quite confident of winning the champion trophy again this time. The season has already been quite successful for the team, and as a result, they won the Champions Trophy.
This year, Thomas Tuche’ s team is the main favorite of the Champions league, and he’d like to win it for a third time. This is quite possible, because he has a good team, which can play at a very high level.
Among the main competitors of Thomas, the main ones are: Monaco, Brugge, and Liverpool. The Liverpool players are quite experienced, and because of this they‘re able to surprise the audience.
Brugge is a team that has recently won the Eredivisie, and is quite capable of challenging Thomas“. The other team is Liverpool, but it� “s not the main team of the league.
Of course, the players of PSG are not the best, but the team has a lot more experience, and Tuchel has already won several championships with the club.
Many fans are interested in the results of the team in the domestic arena, because this is where the real fight for the championship will be held. The Champions League is also a key to the success of the Parisians, because in the current campaign, they are quite capable to win all the matches.
You can always follow the results on the website of sports statistics, where the data is updated in real time. It’’ ll be interesting to follow the ChampionsLeague results, because many of the teams have a high probability of winning.
Main Favorites of the Season
Of the teams that are competing for the Champions trophy, PSG is the most likely to win. The reason for this is the following factors:
· high level of the players;
● strong leadership;

· high level in the transfer market.
All the teams can be mentioned here, but Liverpool is a special case. The Merseysiders are the main candidate for winning it, because of the following reasons:
● strong lineup;

● good teamwork;
1/3 of the season is already behind them, so they have time to rest and get used to the new season.

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